Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've fallen behind and I could give you a million excuses, but the real reasons are:
  • Life got hectic - had some things to handle and pray about.
  • For some reason blogger wouldn't let me upload photos.
  • My internet went down.
  • I was tired.
  • ...and I've been looking at new blog designs.
But never fear...I still have my daily photos (minus 2...but you've had extra pictures) and here they are:

{Day 9}
You know how some times you just want a piece of gum? Maybe, like me you were in a rush, forgot to brush your teeth and could really use that "minty goodness" to ward off the bad breath you may be packing around???

Well, that's what I wanted on this day...did I get it? NO! Know why? I can give you a guess; his name starts with a "B". I was driving down the road, pulled the packet of gum out my purse and attempted to pop a "ice cube" in my mouth...{insert frustration here}...the box was EMPTY!!! I love my son, don't get me wrong, but the gum in my purse is MINE...STAY OUT! ...or at least ASK!

{Day 10a}
{Day 10b}

Yes, you get 2 photos for Day 10...and this is another BRIER story! Two days in a row! He loves popcorn, did you know that? The kid could live on popcorn. He asks for it almost daily! He's gotten to where he is big enough to put it in the microwave and make it himself. However, if you look at exhibit "a" you will see that perhaps he is not big enough to salt it! Exhibit "b", Ashlynn shows me her handful of popcorn she stole and says, "There is enough salt in this stuff to give you a heart attack! What'd he do, dump the whole thing in there?!"

Tonight, 2 days later, he once again asks for popcorn. He makes it, he slightly burns it, and I inform him I will put the salt on it. We have that "butter seasoning salt" and I ask him where it is. He goes and gets it and returns and politely asks me, "Did you put the regular salt on it yet?" You see where this is going right??? Yep, he put both forms of salt on the previous popcorn that nearly gave his sister a heart attack!

Day 11 is missing...however, I've a short story in place of it - because this is something I could not take a photo of. My son came home from school very excited. The happiest I've seen him come home all year! Which really says something. He's been having some issues with kids picking on him or getting him into trouble...wrong crowd, wrong place.

Anyway, he tells me, "Today was the best day EVER!"

"Really Buddy, why's that?" I was really curious as to what made my son so happy.

"Because I evolved!"

I was thinking to myself it was the best day ever because of Pokemon? To be sure I ask, "You evolved?"

"Yes, I'm smarter! I moved from the Monkey table to the Snake table!"

In their school, the children are arranged by tables according to their levels or abilities and they can gradually move up as the excel. Brier was so excited that he had made so much progress...but under further investigation I learned that he is no longer sitting by several of the boys that were causing him problems in school and that makes me excited! I've always known that Brier is a bright little man...but like his mama he is easily distracted.

Now that the distractions have been minimized I pray that he will show us what he is made of and continue to excel and evolve as I know he can.

Brier gives me some pretty good stories - most the time - I think I probably should have been in his room recording his every word when he and David put his new bed was apparently entertaining. I guess at one point he told David, "I'm just a kid, man!"

{Day 12}

Isn't it a pretty cake? Ashlynn made it today. David told her he needed to go on a diet and she was not helping! She attempted to decorate it with an icing set she bought a while back...she had some difficulties. Icing was coming not only out the little tip, but the top as well! It still taste pretty darn good tho, and David's already had 2 pieces. That girl is gonna have to go bake next door if he is serious about that diet :) She loves to bake and make a mess!
Blogger still wanted to give me issues with uploading pictures tonight. Not sure what that is all about. It wants me to sign into google and then upload and then it tells me that I can't do that right now and to try again later. So if there is no photo tomorrow...bare with - I'm trying!

Until then may you have memories to photograph and stories to tell!


P.S. If you know of any get sites to help me figure out how to design my own blog - shoot me the link! Thanks!

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